Five Signs You Are Ready to Sell Your Home

Five Signs You Are Ready to Sell Your Home

For most people, a home is their most valuable asset. But this is an asset with an emotional connection and relocating changes your lifestyle. So how do you know when letting go of that asset is the right choice?

Below are The Smiley Group’s five big signs that you are ready to sell your home.
Your Family Has Outgrown the Space

Do you feel like every cabinet, closet and room in your home overflows and yet, hoarding is not the problem? If family expansion has overfilled your square footage, you are likely ready to find a bigger place. Selling and moving to a new school district can actually help advance your family in more ways, than just giving you more elbow room. Doing so can also provide better options for education and activities, as well as lower cost tuition.

Another frequent reason for selling is the work-from-home economy. No longer are many people rushing off to the office. Instead, many work from home. This means needing a dedicated space for work that your floorplan may not accommodate. When you grow weary of using your laptop on the sofa and need better productivity, selling can enable you to find a great house in which to establish that home office.
Your Home Is Too Big

Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we all need a home that fits us “just right.” When your children grow and leave the nest, you can face having too much space. Unused square footage is a drain on your wallet, particularly through utility bills and taxes. Further, many empty nesters want to spend their time doing things besides yard work and home maintenance.

For other aging adults, climbing stairs is no longer an option. Having an unusable second floor only drains your bank account, just like climbing the stairs drains your energy. Instead of suffering needless space, find the perfect single-floor option in a new house or condo.
You Want to Let Go of the Past

When illness, divorce, economic problems or just a lifestyle you wish to leave behind left its emotional mark on your home, selling can provide great mental relief. For many, a home is not a home when it comes with troubled memories or strife. Give your house and yourself a fresh start, by selling to someone who seeks to form happy memories in your old walls.
The Real Estate Market Seems Primed for Selling

When inventory in your area is low, interest rates are low and buyers are scrambling for options, putting your house on the market can work very well. Such a climate favors sellers and helps you get more from the selling price.
A Great Real Estate Agent Has Buyers Interested

Many people turn away from real estate agents asking if they are interested in selling. But good agents do not ask this question unless they believe – or know – they can sell your home. If an agent asks to connect you with buyers in your market, check out his or her reputation and recent track record. Have they sold homes like yours recently, or do they have properties similar to yours coming on the market? If so, this could be a chance you do not want to pass up.

The Smiley Group is more than a real estate Team. We enjoy representing our clients from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community, in buying and selling their Durham area homes. In fact, our client base is among the most diverse in the region. Regardless of the attributes of your home or the market trends your neighborhood faces, we can use our resources and reputation to find you a great buyer. Call The Smiley Group today at 919-636-8369 or email us at and let’s talk about selling your home!

The Slow Season Myths

Yes!!!! It is finally here. By now, you have dusted off your Uggs, ordered pumpkin spice everything, you’re checking the Christmas list and checking it twice.  The lawn is now dormant. The trails are now blending in with the rest of the surroundings due to the falling leaves. It is typically dark around 6 pm and temperatures are barely hovering in the 50s. One might assume that I am referring to the fall, but for many potential sellers, this is also the dreaded “slow season!”

The majority of these sellers base the notion that the slow season is a bad time to sell on a few myths;

1.     Historically, October through February are the slowest months of the year for real estate.

2.     With guests and travel, it’s more inconvenient to sell during the Holidays.

3.     Their home will sell for less and remain on the market far longer than during the “hot” season

There are other reasons why sellers opt not to sell, but these are the most common. The weather may be colder and the days shorter,  but the fall/winter seasons are prime seasons for selling your home. Here’s why:

1.     Quarter 4 of 2017 saw a decrease in homes listed from Q3 (269/413) while there were 327 new pending sales during the final quarter. This reduction in inventory is a key indicator that it is still very much a seller’s market and at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018, the supply was still 3 months.

2.     Holiday travel and guests can, in fact, be a seller’s inconvenience. With technology, however, showings can be scheduled when they best fit into the seller’s schedule. Knowing your schedule and communicating that with your real estate agent ahead of time, will help reduce the stress of showings. Leaving your home show ready and having a local realtor that can help with showings will only make it easier for the seller during this time of year.

3.     Homes sold at 99% of list price on average in Q4 of 2017. This was the same in the previous quarter during the “hot selling season.” There was a small increase (9 days) in days on market, but sellers saw no decrease in sales price.

In short, before you put off selling your home during this year’s “slow season” for the more competitive market, talk to a licensed real estate professional about your home’s potential to be on someone’s holiday wish list.

Ready to Take the Stage

The snow has melted, the birds are chirping, and the tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. You are ready to take on the anxiety-filled adventure of selling your home. Of course, there is choosing the right real estate agent and price, but what’s next?

One of the single most important details of selling a home (and quite frankly, one of the most ignored) is home staging. I am not talking about HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ level staging. In most cases, there is no need to go out and buy anything. Here are four simple tips to ensure that your home is ready to appeal to even the most discerning buyer.

1.     The Natural Path – If a buyer has to maneuver around your furniture, no matter how large it is, the room will feel small and cramped. Reducing pieces and/or rearranging your furniture to create a better flow goes a long way.

2.     De-Personalize – This seems like a no-brainer, but it warrants repeating. Unique artifacts, tchotchkes, and artwork are awesome discussion pieces, but are major distractions during showings. Buyers tend to focus on what’s bright and shiny, so let your home, not your personal effects, catch their attention!

3.     Curb Appeal – Again, it seems so simple, but so many listings get it wrong. A well-kept lawn, trimmed hedges, and fresh blooms and mulch. make a great first impression. Fallen leaves, dead flowers, and untrimmed bushes give the impression that the home has not been well maintained.

4.     Say It, Don’t Spray It – Put down the Febreeze, and pause before lighting that candle. Research shows that the most desirable scents for potential buyers is fresh linen or citrus. Try using a small drop of oil on your air filters rather than sprays and candles. Plus, if the scents are heavy, buyers may think you’re trying to cover up a bad smell

The goal of most home sellers is to sell their home as quickly as possible for the highest amount possible. While no Realtor has a crystal ball (if they say they do, RUN!), we all want to give your home the absolute best chance. In a flooded seller’s market, where you are not competing with new construction homes, but often times, a resale home with the same floor plan, the four tips above can put you on a great path to accomplishing your goals.

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