John Tuss

If there is one thing John knows for certain in this world it’s that change happens…whether we are ready or not. As a child, he lived in six different states from New Jersey to Texas before he was even a teenager (Papa was a rolling stone). He then moved four more times as an adult. Once for school, once for work and a couple of times just for the fun of it! After an incredible run in Colorado, John and his wife decided to make one last big move. To put down roots in North Carolina and start a family together. Along with their cat, 2 dogs and a bearded dragon named Biscuit, they loaded up their cars and hit the road. It wasn’t long before they found their niche in the Bull City and have been proud to call Durham “home” ever since.

John’s path to Real Estate (much like his path to North Carolina) has provided him with some amazing life experiences. His professional life began in the restaurant business as a server, cook and eventually Chef. After fifteen years of culinary adventures, he decided to step out of food service to be a stay at home parent to his son and a foster parent to some truly amazing kiddos. All of these experiences have taught him the value of trust, reliability, service, and the importance of supporting the communities in which we live. In addition to helping people navigate the wide world of real estate, he delivers fresh food for individuals with mobility challenges through Mobile Market, helps organize a yearly Christmas Market for families in need, and serves as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for the Duke Memorial Weekday School. Oh, and he also likes to pretend he knows how to play the guitar.

Life is full of changes and we all need a little help on our journey from time to time. Change can be nerve-wracking, but John knows from experience that with the right people around you it can be rewarding, memorable, and a whole lot of fun!

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