Stacey DiBuono

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City until September 2001 when I moved to Georgia, New Jersey, and Florida until I settled in the triangle in 2014 to raise my family. In my spare time, who am I kidding, my child dictates what I do in my spare time. My background is in accounting, primarily for automobile dealerships before being brought on as an office manager for a real estate firm- once I was introduced to real estate, the people, the experience, there was no going back.

While my agents are busy helping you find that perfect home or sell your current home, as the operations manager of The Smiley Group- I’m making sure all the important stuff isn’t missed. I’m ordering your inspections, completing the closing documents and all the other transactional pieces so you, and your agent can stay focused on the process. My goal is to make this a seamless process by forming a trusting relationship with you to create a much less stressful transaction.

The Smiley Group