The Smiley Group (TSG) is a residential real estate team created around the premise that whether someone is buying, selling, or leasing property or land, the experience and service delivered should be tailored to each individual client. Each client and property is unique. Why would any real estate agent or team approach each buying/selling process the same? The service TSG provides is customized to meet each client’s where they are.

Each member of The Smiley Group brings their whole self to what they do. One wouldn’t likely find any of the agents presented as one would expect from ’traditional” real estate agents. That’s just not who we are. The Smiley Group aims to provide professional yet comfortable, relatable, and enjoyable service to its clients. If we are stuffy, the process will be stuffy and that does not make for an enjoyable buying/selling experience. Make no mistake, while we are casual and comfortable, we are serious real estate professionals that serve clients in all demographics and price ranges.

The Smiley Group has built relationships with the industry’s top service providers to ensure that the same high-level service is continued through the entire real estate process and long afterward. The service providers and vendors that we recommend have been extensively vetted. TSG would not make a referral based on any financial benefit to our team. Our goal is to make sure that whether you are working with one of our Advisors, a home inspector, a mortgage lender, or any other of our partners, the level of service you receive should be seamless and consistent.

Our mission is simple…. “A real estate experience that makes you smile!” It may sound cliché, but an enjoyable and stress-free real estate experience is what we strive for each and every day. Contact The Smiley Group for the best partnership on your next real estate adventure!

The Smiley Group