Wake Forest

Wake Forest is a rapidly growing town situated northeast of Raleigh, North Carolina. Here, residents enjoy a vibrant downtown with delightful charm and an array of dining, shopping, social and recreational opportunities. With a population of just under 40,000, people living in the city enjoy the benefits of suburbia where home ownership is possible for most residents. The town’s culture offers a place for everyone among beautiful parks and highly-rated schools.

Popular Neighborhoods of Wake Forest

As a Wake Forest real estate buyer, you can find your own niche among a multitude of neighborhoods, with each offering its own features and amenities.


One of the more modern neighborhoods in the city, Hasentree developed around a country club atmosphere of 800 acres of wooded landscape. The clubhouse is the community’s most popular feature, adding a resort-like setting to its members’ everyday life. This provides something for everyone, especially growing families. As a resident, you get to enjoy great schools, plenty of room to play outdoors, golf courses, hiking trails and a range of other amenities.


Wakefield is another country club community in the city, although the neighborhood sits on the border with Raleigh. Your city address depends on the side of that border on which you buy property. Besides the same type of country club amenities as Hasentree, Wakefield offers a wide range of pricing for its real estate with mature neighborhood surroundings.

Traditions at Wake Forest

Traditions offers a range of lifestyle options, from townhouses to lush estates. Available real estate starts at $200,000 and includes options beyond $700,000. Here, you also enjoy country club amenities and the atmosphere of a small, closely knit community. As a resident, you can spend your days poolside, hiking or on a nearby golf course.

Holding Village

Also with properties in the $200,000 to $700,000+ price range, Holding Village developed from 2015 to 2020 out of the Holding family’s dairy farming land. The history embedded in this soil combines with top quality design features and everything you seek from a local neighborhood. Houses generally include three to six bedrooms and three to six bathrooms in 2,076 to 4,288 sq. ft.


Heritage is a world-class community, also with golf courses and club amenities. The neighborhood sits just ten minutes north of Raleigh, offering houses that sell for $215,000 to $825,815. Construction started here in 2001 and continued through 2019. Lots feature up to an acre of land for properties of 1,383 to 6,493 sq. ft.


If you want to live in a small neighborhood, Dansforth is one such development in the south part of the city. The neighborhood is mature, having been established in 2003 and built through 2007. Here, houses are large and lots provide plenty of room for raising an active family. First-time buyers and young families love this neighborhood, making its houses priced between $275,000 to $430,000 sell quickly. Most of the houses feature three to five bedrooms and three to four bathrooms with attached garages in square footage of 2,312 to 3,883 sq. ft.

Finding Your Ultimate Home in Wake Forest

Of course, these are only some of the most popular neighborhoods in which to buy or sell property in the city. You can find your ultimate home here or in nearby Durham with help from the Smiley Group. Contact us when you are ready to relocate, by phone at 919-636-8369 or by email at clientcare@thesmileygroup.net.

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